Taketoyo Toguchi wins Nago mayoral election

Challenger Taketoyo Toguchi pulled off a surprise win against incumbent Susume Inamine in the Nago mayoral election on Sunday.

In the election, 56-year-old Toguchi officially running as an independent was backed by the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, while incumbent Inamine, 72, was backed by a coalition of groups opposing the construction of the relocation facility to MCAS Futenma in Henoko.

Inamine used the Henoko construction as the main theme in his campaign while Toguchi concentrated on local economics issues.

In the end, Toguchi won by a clear margin of more than 3,000 votes. He garnered 20,389 votes against Inamine’s 16,931 votes. 76.9 percent of eligible voters cast ballot in the election, slightly more than in the previous election four years ago.

  • bigpanda

    Great, now I can get my employees back to work since the stupid tourism didn’t pan out like they said it would. Glad to see these bumbling idiots out the door, one big one left. Nice.