Okinawan Ryo Kiyuna wins Karate 1 Premier League tournament

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28-year-old Ryo Kiyuna from Okinawa bagged the first prize in the Karate Premier League Paris 2018 tournament held on Jan. 28th in Paris, France, in men’s individual kata competition.

Kiyna has had a continuing winning streak in the Karate 1 Premier League 2014, and this was his seventh consecutive championship title. He won all his matches from preliminary rounds to the final match, ending with a perfect 5 to 0 score.

In the preliminary rounds, he won his first match against a competitor from Switzerland by Kururunfa, then against an Italian competitor by Paiku, followed by Chatanyara Kushanku against a Canadian karateka by Suparinpei against a contestant from Hong Kong.

In the championship round, Kiyuna beat a fellow Japanese by Anan, and in the final match against a Taiwanese competitor, by Anan Dai, which is regarded in the traditional Ryuei-ryu its greatest performance.

Kiyuna is expected to achieve a high ranking position on the Olympics ranking list that is introduced in July 2018. He is a prime candidate for the Japanese Karate Kata team in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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