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Feb. 8 ~ 14


You need to change the daily routines of your life a bit in order to make sure that your relationship continues to work. You can expect your partner to be as willing as you to go for this change, so there’s no reason to be afraid to bring the matter up. You should not take your lover for granted. At the very least, it shows bad judgment, and could become even harmful to your relationship, although we all are guilty of that at one time or another.


You can expect to find a good opportunity to try something new. Avoid procrastinating anything you could take care of immediately, even if took an extra effort. Sometimes you underestimate your own abilities and endurance. You need to be more patient in matters of love. If your friends ask you to join for a wild party this weekend, it would be better to decline. The planets are not in a position to give you an extra boost of energy you’d need.


You are living a dynamic period of your life, and your endeavors proceed at fast pace. You are able to make quick decisions although you need to wait for the results a little longer. You feel lucky, thanks to your efforts earlier. Pay attention to a person that you might have overlooked recently. And the sooner you make the decision regarding the information you get, the better. You’d be surprised by the impact, and how strong it can be for weeks to come.


You can expect much to happen this week, and most of it is positive. You should pay extra attention to your finances, and especially to your cash. You could encounter some special demands, especially at work, so be prepared. This weekend you should be ready to show your lover how much you care. Someone is going to say you something that makes you think. Although the words are meant to be positive, you could see it as a threat.


Take notice of your success in even small details because those could prove to be a basis for bigger business in the future. You should be prepared to work hard and extra hours to make sure your ideas go forward. This goes both for your home and work. You can lighten the general atmosphere by giving more of your time to those close to you. Someone you barely know seems to be spreading rumors that you don’t like. You must watch your words.


Examine your true feelings and be honest when evaluating them. You need to try to see the difference between what you think should be done, and what you really want to do. If you start seeing problems with your relationship, you have to decide whether it would help to spend more time with that person. You have to draw a line on how far you reveal your true thoughts to people you meet in casual occasions. Of course, your real friends you can trust.


If you are in a romantic relationship- that requires plenty of travel or other kind of extra effort, you must watch it, as you could easily get sidetracked. If you really want the relationship to continue and succeed, you have to be completely sure about it. At the moment, it probably would be better to concentrate on your work and making money, as the future in those areas of your life looks very positive. But first, you should reserve this weekend for rest.


Many people around you are enthusiastic about changes and renewals, and even you would like to be a part of those. Taking a more accepting and positive attitude, especially at home, would seem to work. Those others don’t doubt that they’d understand what you want, but at times they may question your methods. You are a little surprised, but happy nevertheless, about a decision, and that is giving much new content to your life. That motivates.


By now you should have a little time to slow down and think thoroughly what has happened over the past few weeks. It’s natural that you are a little tired and it would be easy to let others tell you what should be done. But you have to stick with your principles. However, you should dedicate a few peaceful and romantic moments to your lover this weekend. That would give you pleasant memories, which could help you to face many new challenges.


Although it has been rather quiet recently, some unexpected events are about to grab your attention. Just when you thought you can rally relax, you need to spring into action. You have something in your life that you would like to change. Whether it’s big or small, it would be best to write a list, figure out what needs to be done and then follow through step by step. Ask your partner’s help, as that could lead to a completely renewed relationship.


As you have experienced that everything changes with time, you can’t wait for the future to be here. You know that the change is, in general, for the better. This could be a good time to make changes in your home that you have planned for some time. You don’t always agree with your partner, but this time you should keep your head, as a compromise could lead to a result that is completely something else than you had in mind when you started.


Money matters are requiring your attention, and the sooner the better. No doubt your partner has a different opinion, but you should listen, as that would give you better understanding of your relationship in general. Try to share responsibilities with members of your family. This would not only help you, but increase their self confidence. Offer a helping hand when needed, as that would strengthen the bonds between you and also make you feel happier.

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