Unexploded bomb disposal closes Kokusai Street Saturday

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Area in the vicinity of the site of the former Kokueikan movie theater on Kokusai Street in Naha will be blocked off from 10:20 a.m. Saturday, because of unexploded bomb removal.

The unexploded ordnance, reportedly a WWII era U.S. 50-kilogram aerial bomb, was found at a construction site by the former Kokueikan movie theater. The evacuation zone has a radius of 166 meters, and the work affects about 1,000 households. In addition, about 350 offices and shops in the area have to close during the removal operation.

During another unexploded bomb disposal on Kokusai Street last November, foreign tourists in the area were found to have received scarce information about the disposal work because of shortage of staff able to communicate in foreign languages. This time officials have deployed seven staff, who speak Chinese and English. In addition, they have set up multi-lingual QR code signs at 40 places around the area to inform about the evacuation.

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