Two Okinawan awamori distilleries celebrate 170th anniversary

Category: [ Business ]

Teikoku Databank Ltd., Okinawa Branch has listed companies in Okinawa celebrating anniversaries in 2018.

Topping the list are Mizuho Shuzou and Chatan Chouro, two awamori makers, which both celebrate their 170th anniversary in business. Six companies on the list have histories exceeding 100 years.

Other companies on the top o the list according to their longevity consists of Tsuhako Shuzou distillery in Naha City that reaches its 120th anniversary, Zenrin Gakuen school in Nishihara town that turns 110 years old, and Kinjo Kiku Shokai, a construction company and Shikina Shuzou distillery both celebrate their 100th anniversary.

The information comes from Teikoku Databank Ltd. one of the largest credit research companies in Japan. On Teikoku’s list, businesses in the tertiary industries dominate but they have been in business shorter time. Most of the companies their 10th anniversaries this year are in the tertiary industries. Most of the companies celebrating their 30th to 50th anniversaries are in the construction industry because of the period reconstruction and high economic growth since the World War Ⅱ.

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