Okinawa Ongakumura offers music history on iPad

Category: [ History ]

Ongakumura (Music Village) in the Ichibangai Mall in Okinawa City has started a new service offering the public a chance to view a photo exhibition of Okinawa’s long and colorful music history.

The exhibition consists of more than 1,000 photos covering topics as Okinawa folk songs, rock, and other subjects related to the musical history of Okinawa City.

The photos can be viewed on iPads that the Ongakumura has set up. It’s possible to search the photos by age, title of folk and rock songs, or by genre. The oldest photos in he exhibition are from the 1920s with comments included. It’s also possible to listen the sound of the source when available.

The oldest photo, taken in 1929, is a commemorative photo of sanshin players and singers. In addition, there is a precious photo of Murasaki rock band on a live concert at the height of its success, which is sure to raise nostalgic feelings in those who were young at the time.


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