Japanese white plum blossoms in full bloom at Genka, Nago City

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The Nago Cherry Blossom Festival is famous as the earliest cherry blossom festival in Japan, but before the cherry trees start to bloom, Japanese white plum blossoms are in full bloom in the wetlands of Genka in Nago City.

Plum blossomThe area is commonly called Ohshittai (オーシッタイ), and is crowded with blossom viewers, especially during weekends and holidays.

The Japanese white plum trees in the area were brought from Taiwan and planted by local residents about 28 years ago. The viewers enjoy taking pictures and admire the plum blossom petals swirl. The best thing about Japanese white plum blossom is their pleasant fragrance. When in full bloom, the scent of the plum blossoms hangs thick in the air.

It is said that the Ohshittai area is one of the most secluded regions on Okinawa. This is the area that was the last region to get electricity and telephone services on Okinawa Island in 1982. It’s a bit difficult to reach, but the map is at https://goo.gl/ZwkBru

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