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Jan. 3 ~ 9


If you are looking for something perfect, be ready for disappointment. This time human emotions and faults ion character are in the forefront, but when you realize that no one is perfect, you will be able to really relax. In other words, even though you set your own bar high, don’t expect everyone to reach as high.


The start of the year is full of enthusiasm and optimism and you feel on the top of your game. If you are looking for challenges and satisfaction that comes with successfully overcoming them, romantic encounters could be the answer. You can expect someone to make you an offer that turns out to be really hard to resist. But why you even should?


You should try to avoid showing your feelings openly during the first couple of weeks of January. Although you could tolerate people with difficult personality, your reactions in such situations could confuse others. Be flexible and enjoy the company of your family and friends as much as you can. Try to live just here and now.


Try not pay so much attention to what you see as character faults in other people. Instead, take a more positive attitude. Try to arrange some time to rest and relax after the hectic year-end schedule. Keep an open kind towards new experiences, as chances are that you could soon receive a game-changing suggestion from someone.


Are you trying to make an impression on someone special. Think your strategy carefully and avoid giving an impression of snobbery. A personal touch is always noticed and often appreciated. Devoting your personal time to another person is almost always highly valued. And when you plan to spend time together, take your time to plan it.


It’s natural for you to try to spend as much time as possible with your friends outside of the regular holiday season. They really appreciate your time and effort more than you even imagine. It’s very likely that you could meet a person you have much in common within this month. When you do, you will notice that your charms are still effective.


If you chose to spend the recent holidays with as little effort as possible, you will soon realize that it was the right choice. You should keep that in mind for the future. You don’t need to engage in a massive operation of preparing foods and choosing gifts. Instead, give your time and friendship. Enjoy your time free of stress and walks on a beach.


You probably have some good memories from the holidays and time spent with your loved ones. By concentrating on present, you will be able to realize how flexible you can be if you only want to. You should be ready to be an object of interest of romantic nature, even though you weren’t actively seeking for a romance at the moment.


It could be very important for you to pay close attention to your loved ones. Forget your job for a while and enjoy. Many people want a part of your time, so you must plan your schedule accordingly. As it’s your nature to be a very warm-hearted person, you don’t want anyone to be disappointed. But remember to save some time just for yourself, too.


Of all seasons, you maybe enjoy the winter most. That’s when you are at your best and full of energy and ideas. You expect perfection and only the best is good enough for you. But realize, too, that not everyone thinks the same way. And you know deep in your heart that the best you can give is your company. You can expect someone important to show up.


Try to finish everything by mid-January that you were not able to before the New Year. If you promise to keep contact with anyone, make as sure as possible that it will be done. Remember that one contact could lead to a second one, and this year could be the one when you find the love of your life. Do not let the chance to go by without a try.


The new way of doing things that you are about to start from this month at your job, is going to be a success, although it might not seem very promising in the beginning. You usually want to keep your own little secrets but this time it would be better to be open, especially to a proposal you7re going to hear before the end of the month.


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