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Jan. 18 ~ 24


This time of the year it’s only natural that you want to spend time with those you are your loved ones. And being close is nourishment to your soul. And even if everything is not quite as perfect you’d like, you can have a major impact on the situation by your own attitude. But you could be a little more generous at sometimes.


Now is the time to show some warmth and sympathy to people around you. That would do wonders to your self-esteem and make you very attractive. Make his time meaningful and give your friends still another change. Organize your schedule with care, as running around chasing multitude of goals would tire you very soon.


Try to find time to rest and relax this weekend, even if people are pulling you to participate in various events. A person you haven’t met for some time is showing up and asks an important question.  Your conversation could be a memorable one. You should pay extra attention to people you meet over the next few days.


Open your eyes t everything that happens around you. The coming week promises to be optimistic and exciting, and will allow you to get closer to a special person you have wanted to know better for some time. Keep an open mind when encountering new experiences and people, as you could be presented with a remarkable proposal.


You should prepare to attend some parties that are sure to be interesting. Although you are very busy at work, you sure would not miss any of these, as they would offer you exactly what you are looking for in your social networks. You should give yourself a permission to relax a little more this year and not burn your candle from both ends.


This period starts slow but turns into a busy week later, especially after you notice how much more you are expected to do by the end of this month. But there’s no reason for panic. People are ready to help you if you only ask. Someone you knew a long time ago could show up, but you should not give in to being too suspicious.


A close friend or relative is facing a similar situation that you have experienced before. Before you react, think carefully how you reacted and what steps you took to rectify the situation. Clinging too much to routines in your romantic affairs could be the reason why joy has been lacking in your relationship. Trust more on your intuitions.


Love and sympathy are not the same thing, but you should give both without hesitation. Also, you should be more spontaneous. If you question your motives, you could end up over-reacting and creating problems where they do not exist. There’s someone who’s looking for your company, and you should give that person a change.


It’s difficult to relax after a busy and sometimes stormy period in your life. It could take a little time before you will be able to forget what happened and are able to take it easier, but once you get over with it, you could have the best time on your memory for the rest of the month. It could also take a little courage, but you certainly can do it.


You may be looking for perfection, but perfection is not always possible. However, you need a goal and something to look forward to. Just now it would be a mistake to take anything for granted, because many things could change later this year. You should trust more in yourself. A positive attitude and ability to have fun could make wonders.


You obviously enjoy when you can be the center of attention. Someone, who helped you much when you were younger, is now in need of your attention. Maybe this could be the time to pay back for the help and kindness. But if you promise to stay in touch with someone, you should do your best to keep that promise. Otherwise, it could come to haunt you.


Have you worked too hard, or taken the life too seriously otherwise? You have a good reason to take it easy. Pamper yourself a little, meet with friends and enjoy your life in general. Try something new even things that could feel a little bit silly. As long as you don’t forget to take care of your health and finances you will be okay.

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