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Nov. 9 ~ 15


Certain segments of your life are beginning to cool down and Normalize. Forget about restlessness and start thinking of slow life and progress. You can expect a romantic relationship that you almost had given up rekindle and get a new life. The question is, are you willing to fan the flames?


Life at home is better than for a long time. Don’t you think it’s a bit strange that things that used to be a needle under your skin could so suddenly disappear? Take it easy for a moment and go with the flow. Don’t rush into new relationships, but take your time to get to know people you meet.


You should not take every opportunity to advance your plans and don’t forget your goals. You’ll have plenty of time to have some fun later. Currently, you are asked for almost complete concentration and dedication to what you’re doing. Take it easy in the evenings, so you can give your best during daytime.


You must be honest with yourself when you think what you want from your partner. You can expect good results from your discussions, but you must be open and honest, and allow your partner to express his or her opinions. And most of all, listen. In this way, you’ll find peace after all your troubles.


Although you are this week tempted to go over where the fence is the lowest, you should think it over once more. Talk about your dreams with your loved ones and colleagues. You need a fresh angle to make progress, and that just when your energy could be at its lowest. But it will be worth it.


You are ready to face any challenge this week. Whatever has caused this burst of energy, this really highlights your dynamic side. Your enhanced activity level of activity is also extending to your love life. As they say, work hard and play hard, and this is just what you need now. Enjoy yourself.


You are ready to face any challenge and no task seems to be too hard. Nothing seems to distract you from your goals. However, there is someone who feels a need to prove you something. Your interest in this person seems to change day by day. Maybe you try to postpone something, but is that even necessary?


You can expect big surprises concerning your job. You want to everything done, and that’s it! Your colleagues appreciate your decisiveness, even though you have only decided to put everything in order one by one. You must make clear that you expect everyone do their part and respond to your requests.


Some personal disappointments could disturb and irritate you, but you know what you must accomplish to clean your table. Some people may try to convince you that small details do not matter and you could very well ignore some of them. You should disagree and continue the way you do things.


After a quiet weekend, you will be ready to begin a new week rejuvenated. Some decisions regarding your work could wait for a few days, but if you feel that a slow pace of progress is frustrating you, you should tell that to the others in your team. They must understand that your time is valuable.


It’s understandable that you try to finish everything, so you could preserve harmony in your life, but that could lead for you to take on too many responsibilities. Your family and friends surely are willing to offer a helping hand, but sometimes it’s easier to do things yourself. Just be tactful when refusing the offer.


Are you unsure about your future? It’s only natural to want to know what is going to happen next week, month and even later. Some unexpected events could make you think where everything is going to, but in a few days, everything becomes clearer. A new project begins to seem really promising.

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