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Nov. 2 ~ 8


Shuttling between work and home could feel a little stressing at times, and that’s exactly the reason for you to organize your schedule with care. That’s especially important if you want to enjoy your weekends. You also must try to stay away from your bad old habits you managed to discard a while ago.


You must now concentrate on your work. You try to change everything for the better, and you are making a good progress on it. Maybe you still can find ways do some tasks easier and more productively. This is indeed a good time to come up with new ideas and fresh approaches, and bring them up to evaluation.


Have you missed lately reasons to celebrate and be happy? Do you find everything too serious? Don’t sit at home pondering, but find good company to have some fun. Use your imagination. Although the days grow shorter and night darker there’s much to do with your friends. Be adventurous.


Finally, things seem to get going the way they used to. How did this change start? Maybe it was some loving words you heard? You should believe more in your talents. Don’t forget how much charm you possess and how smart you are. All positive feelings are now getting stronger when you are with friends.


Someone close to you has fantastic ideas, but if they don’t jibe with yours, it would be better this time to simply ignore them. You have given so much of your time to others lately that now it should be your turn. Don’t be shy to ask help if you need it. If you are looking for inspiration, look for something new.


Love is the magnet that pulls you this time. Your current relationship could become even closer when you meet a challenge together. Let bygones be bygones. Instead of thinking what you could do to please someone else, why not please yourself for a chance. A little selfishness is not all that bad sometimes.


Sit down and take your time to think. Life could be simpler when you look at its problems from a new perspective. It could also be much easier to your wallet. You can expect some changes at your work, and you should be prepared for that. Think impossible, and then make it work with your own plans


Living in a moment could be a good goal, but it could be difficult to silence all noise around you and expel it from your head, so you and zero your mind. One of your closest friends needs more of your attention. Be emphatic and step into reality. This could well lead to a welcome change in your spiritual orientation.


Take a flexible stance towards new and even odd ideas that come to your way. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, and much can happen in a lifetime that is impossible to explain. Use your optimism to the benefit of people around you, and you will also reap the rewards. Relax and enjoy the fruits of your thoughts.


Your feeling could just now be a little confused. There has been changes that have made you look at life from a new angle. There’s much good in your life, but you must see it first before you can enjoy it. Try to find a balance in your life. A good way to relieve your stress is to reserve some time for yourself.


You can expect a busy week ahead. Your finances and money matters need your attention, and this is as good a time as it gets to take care of it once and for all. Besides, that would greatly increase your inner harmony. Enjoy the weekend by doing something simple. Just be close to a loved one would be good.


Things don; always go the way we plan or they should, but luckily for you, you have plenty of love to enjoy this time. In a matter of fact, there’s a good chance that asking for a little help for a minor problem could lead to more than holding hands. This weekend you should head for a beach as the season still goes on.


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