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Oct 12 ~ 18


There are times that you simply can’t seem to find enough energy to take part in routine discussions, especially when they concern your job. And indeed, it is good to keep low profile sometimes. At home the situation is completely different, and you’ll notice how important you are to those close to you. So, show them your feelings and appreciation.


This time you should be very determined, and let it show to everyone. But at the same time make sure that you don’t give an impression of being just full of yourself. You don’t have to have an opinion on everything, especially on matters that you are not too familiar with. But at home the atmosphere of love and optimism should prevail every day.


You could discover that the passion you are about to wake up, could be bittersweet. A relationship that means a lot to you demands special attention, but the reward is great, too. Pay attention to your money, and preferably make a detailed budget. Use you creativity, and don’t forget recycling if you plan to make improvements at your house.


You will have a chance to help your colleagues as you notice that they are grappling with problems. This is very conductive in creating a positive atmosphere in the future. You love life is never very far from your thoughts, and this time you have a very good chance to advance it to the direction you desire. Just be honest to yourself.


You should avoid taking risks at this time as much as possible, and it would be the best to avoid them altogether. It is very important that you work on improving understanding between people, especially at your place of work. Make perfectly clear what you expect from others, and your future prospects will improve immediately.


Money is on the forefront during this week. You should stay optimistic, but do not expect miracles to happen in short term. Pay special attention to anything that has to do with money. If you want to surprise someone with a romantic gesture, pick up some unusual place for a date. This could make your date both a surprise and very romantic.


This is a good time to take care of your money problems once and for all, although even thinking about it could feel very boring. Your hectic pace at work has exhausted you both mentally and physically. Tto take care of your needs, you have to take care of yourself, especially mentally. So enjoy and let others pamper you for a change.


The aspect of Venus to your zodiac is doing wonders to your mood, and you are at your best. This could be a good time to tell someone special about your feelings. If you wait too long the opportunity could just pass by, and it could be too late. If you plan to travel somewhere, make sure you prepare enough time as delays are very likely.


Ask what you want, and you have a very good chance to get it this time. Being optimistic and confident in matters of romance will yield results that you desire. You will have a chance to advance some mutually beneficial project. But stay firm with your decisions. That would show others that they must take you seriously.


You are looking for answers to a certain question from your past, but you should recognize that many things have changed. Although you remember something that was said to you a long time ago, and you could take heed to that advice, you must think carefully whether that is reason enough to completely change the course of your life


A stream of energy from the moon could cause you to run around rather aimlessly, and make some quick decisions, and although this could sound like a good thing, you should think twice before you act. That would help you to avoid mistakes and delays. You relatives could feel like a drag, but luckily you have your sense of humor to fall back.


Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need extra support with your new project. Even though those around you are happy to help, be sure to make clear that they understand what and when you want them to do something. You should leave making new acquaintances to next week. Looking in some unusual places could help you find someone special, though.


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