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Sep 21~ 27


This is a good time for you to think what you really want, and if that is possible. This could seem like an odd question, but it should be easy to answer. The main point is to answer honestly. Taking a different angle to see the problem is not the same as giving up. Instead, you just could discover a better way to accomplish things.


Do not make other people your priority. Instead, try to do things that you want yourself. That would result in better feelings, and you would soon start making progress. When you are in good mood, it’s easier for you to help others. Of course, some of your friends could be dumbfounded seeing the change in you.


When you have your life on the right track, it could feel too good to be true. However, you should enjoy this weekend to the fullest. Show to your family and loved ones that you really care and love them. Besides, you can be sure that you will get everything back in the future many times over. But you should take life more seriously.


It’s not necessary to know everything to make progress. You should approach people with courage and not be afraid to ask questions. People usually love to talk about themselves, and that would give you plenty of valuable insights. When you learn facts about people and their motivations, you will understand the world better.


An unexpected glitch in your finely tuned life could come as a surprise. There are big changes in the horizon and you should adjust yourself as best as you can. Going with the flow spares you from stress and frustration. This weekend could set you on a fine new path regarding your future. You should take the opportunity as it comes.


As much as you would like to hide your knowledge from your friends, it becomes crystal clear over the next few days. You must admit that there are some things that you can do better than the others. Being too modest can also be upsetting to those who you must work with. There’s someone who can answer your questions, just ask.


The main task for you during the coming couple of weeks is to strengthen your love and avoid stress. If that requires finding a secret hideout with your lover, do it. Then use the time together to talk about your future. When everything is clear and both of you agree, you will realize that you now have the keys to your happiness.


Even if you feel very close to a certain person, don’t ever forget that you don’t own him or her. It’s very important that you both have the freedom to have your own social networks. Besides, how much talk you would have, if you never had any contact other than you two. Friends and social relationships are the salt in your life.


You can be at the peak of your energy only when you are standing on a solid ground that allows you to search for new horizons. Although your job takes a lion’s share of your time, you can’t discard the leisure. Relax and take things as they come, and only when they come. Try to keep your work and home separate as much as you can.


You can expect busy, exciting and passionate days ahead. You may think that you have already passed most of the important milestones in your life, but you will be surprised. The change shows especially in your mood and attitude that have led every aspect of your life over the past few months. And the change is for the better.


You may think that you are somewhat disoriented this weekend, but you will soon discover that you are not alone. Others who are in a similar situation could give you support and advice. But don’t trust on people who remind you about your previous problems. You should not pay attention but, instead, trust on known facts.


If you want to understand other people, you must first understand your own motives. Could pushing your current plans be waste of time? You should listen to people you trust and ask their advice before you make any hasty decisions. Do not let your ego to stand on the way, but be ready to accept sincere advice and help from your friends.


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