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Sep. 7 ~ 13


It’s very possible that you will find yourself facing a completely unexpected surprise sometime before September 15th. Just now is a time when dreams can come true or change. Everything feels real and very emotional. Should you make a move, or stay put for a little longer? In any case, you should remember that although everything does not always go according to the plan, somehow, we always can come over.


Your friends are the focus this weekend. There’s something in your attitude that makes you just now the perfect leader in interaction with your friends. You naturally try to avoid this role from time to time, but when the activity requires creativity, you are in your own element. So, you should not doubt your own abilities in front of future possibilities. Instead, trust in yourself, and you can change the world.


This I not a time to daydream, but rather a time of unlimited possibilities. Your best bet is to seek a position at the center of your group, but you must honestly want to be there to succeed. You also must think, what is it that you want most? Now would be the best time to ask for it, because you have much to win but very little to lose. You also must be ready to ask an important but difficult question in near future.


This time, people are looking up to you, as they see a person who is positive, energetic, exceptionally sharp and full of confidence in future. Now is also the time to leave behind old ideas and people who have lost their ability for progress. You have an excellent chance to show other your optimistic attitude, and teach them that everyone is holding his or her own future in their own hands.


You can expect some good news, especially regarding your work. Most problems tend to get settled in one way or another, but everything takes its time and proceeds in its own time. Your finances need your attention. There’s no crisis yet, but it would be better to take care of a possible problem before it occurs. The most important thing is that you know your plan is working the way you have expected.


Plans that yu made at the beginning of the year need to be updated. Confusion that has dominated your environment lately seems to begin to get sorted out. You are likely to find yourself busy and in great demand, getting requests from every direction. Even your love life seems to experience a new awakening. However, you should be patient and think about the situation from different angles.


During this month, you should pay special attention to your health and money. You have now an excellent chance to put everything in order regarding your future. Ask your companion to help you by constantly reminding you about healthy alternatives for your diet and life habits. You can expect an offer that you think you should not miss, and indeed, that could be just a beginning of much more to come.


You can expect exciting news. Many things that you had in your head late last year are coming up again. They are now more real than before and need your attention and action. Whatever happens, it will affect one of your long-time associations. However, even if you realize that a change is coming, there’s very little you can do to prepare for it, and the only alternative is to go with the flow as the time comes.


This week you will have a chance to do some changes. People around you, and even yourself, do not always welcome the changes, especially when they arrive, but as the time goes by, most of them prove to be for good. You must be flexible and have a practical attitude. You just must accept and adjust to situations and circumstance you possibly cant change. But you still must seek the way to makes the best of it.


You are having a busy, exciting and passionate week ahead of you. You might think that you have already passed most of important milestones in your life, but you are in for a surprise, and will see how much there is left. You will also get quite excited about all the changes that are coming your way. That will be reflected especially in your thinking and attitude that have been guiding your life for the past few months.


Ideas you brought up a few months ago begin to look better as the time goes by. IN a matter of fact, many of your originally abstract ideas are now beginning to look realistic. You must put in use new possibilities that come to your way during the next week or two. You could experience problems communicating with people you need for help, but that is not permanent and you should not let it slow you down.


A huge wave of optimism and energy will overwhelm you during this period. Telling your friends about your plans and dreams could lead to surprising and wonderful results. Maybe you have never been so sure what you actually want, but now you can see clearly what could be possible. But you must be ready to make certain changes that would help to make your plans and dreams come a reality.


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