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Aug. 10 ~ 16


The simplest way to get close to your friends and colleagues is just listen to them. You are not expected to find solutions to their problems this time, so there’s no need to stress out. You should also keep in mind that often people resent someone who is pushing non-requested advice on them. You should find a way to please your lover, but do not try to press your ideas. The best day of the week for you is Tuesday.


This is an excellent time for you to build more balance on your life, and change everything you can that needs renewal or adjustment. It’s natural that you are not satisfied all the time, but the moments you can feel deeply at peace with the world are moments to be cherished. Maybe you must teach yourself to appreciate those happy moments more. Peace of mind mostly comes from inside, so don’t fight against it.


There’s a person who is marveling at your happy and relaxed stance you usually take on your everyday life. You should continue it and avoid taking things too seriously. This is a busy time with plenty of strong emotions, involving both your work and fun. But you should not try to combine the two, as that would likely create conflict and confusion. The best course of action would be to go with the flow for now.


You can expect to be very busy both at work and home that will awaken your ambitions. The more you can accomplish, the more energetic you feel, and want to tackle even more challenges. You can trust that you know what you are capable of, and also know your limits. But you also can stretch your limits when necessary. You can expect some intensive discussions regarding your spending habits, both of money and time.


Some people want to do everything they can that others see them as important. The more you give them, the more they demand, and if you let them to get away with it, there is not end to it. People around you expect you to be clear-headed and mature that sometimes could feel difficult, but you will always do your best. You expect to be successful where you earlier suffered a loss, and will boost your self-confidence remarkably.


There’s great harmony in your family just now and you can expect that to continue at least through this month. You should appreciate people who have helped you, and you can pay them back by pointing them to the right direction when they are lost. You will have a chance to meet a person who would have a great impact on your future. You should enjoy your life and don’t forget to give romance a chance.


Do you feel that you have recently said or done something that you would regret in the future. You should not worry too much, as no one is pressing you to take an action to any direction. Everything is possible if you only keep your head and thoughts clear. There’s someone in your past who has an answer to a question that has been stuck in your head for a long time. You just must have courage to ask.


You should rest and relax this weekend as you are in for a flying start come Monday morning. Luckily, the situation will calm down as the week goes on. You might have difficulty of finding the right words in discussions at home, but you must do your best to be clear, at least. Talk straight and be honest. Love doesn’t necessarily make miracles, but it sure makes your life easier. That’s why you want to work on it.


Practical tasks you are facing will require a little more effort than you’d expect. Pay special attention to your long-term plans, especially if they concern money. But love does not seem to be a problem for you, as long as you remember not to take anything for granted. Maybe it’s a little tender care of sweet whispers that is expected from you. At least, that would always be time well spent to you advantage.


Many plans and problems that seem to have been stuck will begin to resolve themselves on their own. That means you can start making significant progress again. Maybe now would be a good time to listen to the voice in your heart. Don’t assume that everyone knows what you want from your future. You have to organize special time for a heart to heart discussion with your lover to get on the same page.


Try something new this weekend and trust on your intuition. Love is sure to come to you, but you have to muster the courage to speak about your feelings to a certain someone. It might take some time to get an answer, but you must take a practical stance on this and be patient. A little romantic present would not be a bad idea to nudge things forward. If your job feels dull, you must think yourself what to do about it.


Have your plans stuck in a rut and nothing seems to make progress? You must trust on your own abilities more than on help from people around you. In a matter of fact, some people around you could behave outright strangely, and it would be best not to get too much involved in their business. This weekend, you should try to get into some place where you can meet new faces and get yourself some positive energy.


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