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Jul 20~26


You should look for opportunities that would take you slightly outside of your comfort zone. If you don’t show your self-confidence yourself, the others won’t see it, either. You need to catch your chance to show what you are made of. Your loved ones are always there to support you, but do you remember always to appreciate it? And more to the point, do you remember to show it in a concrete way? That would be important just now.


It’s easy to be friendly towards your friends and colleagues, and event to yourself, when everything in your life goes right. You should erase all pessimistic thoughts that tend to take over our mind from time to time. This weekend, you should think and appreciate everything you’ve got, juts now and here. Never think that you wouldn’t deserve the best. When the time comes to collect rewards for your labors, just appreciate and enjoy it.


Do you think from time to time that you have way too much to do, and the others put too many demands on your time? Sometimes you must choose and pic, and you are right to do so. You must be ambitious and not afraid to try reaching as high as you can. And when you reach it, you must look forward even further. That’s the only way to success. No regrets at the end is the goal, and remember that future always has surprises.


You should realize that not everyone is as straight or honest as you. Someone who’s approaching you with a smile could be looking for a chance to trip you. People with negative attitude towards life don’t do favors to anyone, and are best forgotten. Instead, you should turn the most of your attention to those who love you most and whom you love back. That’s the best way to guarantee a happy and meaningful life for you.


You have very much to give to people around you. Both your love and talent shine bright and far, and as people see it, they are eager to come to your help. Then it’s up to you to decide whom you let come close. In any case, you should select only those who arouse good and happy feelings in you. But you should beware, and not mistake flattery for genuine admiration. Flatterer always own aims in the back of his or her mind.


You are about to begin a journey that in the long run will bring you much satisfaction. Note that it’s not to satisfy others but only you. That does not mean that you should ignore everyone, and only think about your own feelings. You should be close to your companion, sharing worries and giving support whenever you can. Opposing a change in some parts of your everyday life is completely acceptable, and even commendable.


It could be difficult to control yourself when facing an upcoming period that is so full of surprises and passions. There are matters that will awake almost too many feelings and emotions in you, but you should still try to keep your cool. If you were able to approach the upcoming events with a more mature attitude, you would prove that you are reliable. That’s important to those around you, and you must set them a good example.


It sometimes hurts to show others that you are human, but at the same time, it could give you much satisfaction, too. This weekend you can show your strength by being thoroughly honest. You don’t lack patience, but people you consider idiots could be difficult for you to tolerate. It could help to remember that not everyone has the same good starting point in life that you got. That’s something to be very thankful for.


Sometimes you could feel that you are a complete outsider looking at the act of life from some balcony, just observing. On the other hand, there are situations that you don’t want to be a part of at all. Unfortunately, it’s only rarely that you have a luxury to choose. You could advance some matters by relying on volunteers or some organization but it’s not the same as being on the driver’s seat. You should ask for an advice from a person you trust.


This weekend could be your best chance to approach a person you have wanted to know better for a long time. At work your colleagues seem to be a little less helpful than usual. Have you forgotten something, or do they need an incentive? Where’s your natural charm that you are famous for? Small gestures during daily routines are important in building good relationships and showing that you are interested and care.


Do you feel that your life has gone flat without any progress in any direction? Instead of rushing ahead to drum up activity, sit down and make a proper and realistic long-term plan that you can follow through. This is not the right time to go where the wind takes you. Instead you must take the reins in your own hands, set up realistic goals and figure out how to reach them. Only after you know which way to go you should start to act.


An inspiration you experienced a while ago seems to take you further that you thought. If you feel that you are going to the right direction, keep on going and don’t stop to ask questions. Your long-term dreams seem to begin bearing fruit. Don’t get scared for small delays, as it would be way too early to give up. It’ no always easy to believe in your own dreams and future, but that’s how people reach success in their endeavors.


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