¥1.2 million Kariyushi shirt highlights top traditional techniques

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June Inc., an Okinawan company making “PAIKAJI” brand resort wear has produced an original Kariyushi shirt in collaboration with Kyoto Karacho, a long-established maker of karakami, thick Japanese traditional paper, in Kyoto since late Edo period for about 400 years.

Using cloth mixed with organically cultivated hemp and special Japanese Washi paper, to make the Kariyushi shirt, the two companies sough to combine the craftsmanship of Okinawa and Kyoto.

The special shirts are made-to-order only, and cost ¥1.2 million each. “This shirt is definitely worth its price. We would like it to express the modern Japan” says June President Yasuhide Yoshida.

The pattern of the shirt is “Kadotsunagi,” a kind of geometric pattern traditionally used by Kyoto Karacho since the Edo period. The color of the textile resembles Assam indigo. It has two types of buttons – one made of pottery and the other of Ryukyu lacquer. The shirts are hand-made by Rio Bianco, a famous order clothes maker in Fukushima.

They are available in sizes small to 5L, and an order takes about four months to complete.

The shirts are also available as printed reproductions, and are now for sale in Paikaji Store on Kokusai Street and Ginza Wako in Tokyo. The repro version is made of 100% linen and has a price tag from ¥45,000 to ¥49,000 excluding tax. Both short and long sleeve shirts are available with four choices of colors.


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