Song Day Concert 2017 in Kadena today


The annual Song Day Concert will be held at Kadena Kaneku Seaside Park starting 15:30 today (Saturday). The gates to the venue open at 14:00.

The Okinawa Song Day Concert is held on the weekend following the Okinawa Memorial Day on June 23 to celebrate songs that bring joy to people’s everyday lives.

The concert is held following the Okinawa Memorial Day that is the day when the Battle of Okinawa at the end of WWII ended. During the war, it was forbidden for people to to sing and dance, especially the type of music that the Japanese Imperial Army thought was not patriotic.

However, Okinawan people secretly sang and danced in the woods or air-raid shelters to encourage each other during the harsh days of war.

Maybe we can say that everything we have now in Okinawa is thanks to the songs at that time. We should remember it and pass the songs to the next generation.

The Song Day Concert artists include BEGIN, HY, caino, Aiko Sakamoto, Sakura Fujiwara, Miyagi sisters, R’kuma, and others..

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