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Jul 15 ~ 21


You should do your best to get rid of extra stress whenever possible. You should also forsake an idea that feels increasingly confusing, and avoid people who depress you. There’s no reason to waste your money on a new item when a second hand one is available at much lower price. Remember that time is always on your side if you only give it a chance.


You can expect quite interesting times ahead. So much is happening that makes your head spin just to plan for the schedule. The most important thing is to make sure your finances are in order, because unexpected expenses are likely to occur. Your spouse or companion is able to see the better and entertaining side of life. Can you see the same.


A contact that you was able to hook up with some time ago, is coming handy this weekend. It could be a good expert advice on some problem you are encountering. You will be so busy at work that you might be tempted to neglect meeting your friends. However, a joyful party at times with your friends is just what you need to reduce your stress.


Your most recent trip or vacation seems to have had a positive impact on your love life, and although you might not be able to take a new trip soon, it could be fun to make plans together. Cooperation with your colleagues at work goes great just now, but do not underestimate the positive impact of working together as a team can have on you project.


Romance is great and it really seems like you have chosen the right path. However, you should always keep an open mind. Maybe there’s some small suspicion in the back of your head regarding your current situation. Maybe this is not what you really wanted in the first place. Only time will tell, but perhaps you should not make binding promises just yet.


It looks like you can expect your social calendar to fill up soon. This is a period that is promising for meeting new acquaintances and to renew old friendships. Maybe you should plan a trip somewhere together. But avoid promising to join in anything that you are not quite sure you can live up to. There’s plenty of summer left, and patience is always a virtue.


You should pay special attention to your finances over the next week or so, and fix what needs fixing. Good relations with your colleagues and bosses are also important, but avoid any kind of romantic involvement in this area. When you decide something, keep it practical and rely on your common sense. Rein in your wild running imagination for once.


You are entering a very creative phase in your life, and that could create a chance to find a new target of interest to you, or maybe a new hobby. If possible, you should join a group of people who share the same interest instead of going alone. In general, your relationships with people around you need a little brushing up. Luckily you are not the only one with that problem.


Try to find a balance between hat you are willing to do and what is against your principles. An easy, careless life is not a good barter for peace of mind. There are many temptations that come to your way in your lifetime, and many could very well bring excitement into your life. The question is, how much excitement is enough and what is too much.


A romantic acquaintance from the past could shop up in your life, and the temptation is real, especially if you don’t have anyone special in your life just now. However, you should take a realistic stance and remember that everyone has his or her faults. Organizing your budget and finances before the summer beach season gets on way would be a good idea.


You should take a conservative look at all your life, and avoid any exaggerations. Although you are busy at work, don’t stretch yourself too thin. You would like to spice up your love life, but don’t make too hasty conclusions. You can look forward to a pleasant weekend with one of your younger friends, who will surprise you how much you have in common.


Creative tales and busy imagination are taking over your mind. Someone from your past could decide that you were the right one after all, but you should beware. Besides the fact that you may have already someone else in your life, there could be another ulterior motive behind the change of mind. Of course, you are irresistible, but take it easy anyway.


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