Urasoe Museum teaches about lacquer ware with game kit

Category: [ Education ]

“Shikki”, the Ryukyu lacquer ware, was one of the prized goods made in the Ryukyu Kingdom that were exported to Japan, China and countries in Southeast Asia on the trading ships that were the basis of the kingdom’s prosperity.

Lacquer ware is still produced on Okinawa, although in significantly lesser quantities. In order to promote the awareness of the ancient handicraft, Urasoe Art Museum has created a tutorial game called “Lacquer Kit.”

About ten children recently tried the kit’s “Lacquer Sugoroku,” a Japanese variety of Parcheesi game.

The kit includes a DVD introducing Ryukyu lacquer ware, four trays to understand the process of making lacquer ware, and 10 units of “Lacquer Sugoroku” in a hexagonal box.

The sugoroku is a game depicting the life of lacquer craftsmen in modern time and during the Ryukyu dynasty period. In the process of the game, one learns the history and techniques of making Ryukyu lacquer, and players compete based on the number of cards of the museum’s collection that are included. It takes about 20 minutes to play one game, and for 5 or 6 players for one unit of the game.

The museum lends the kits for free for a period of two weeks. In case you can’t return the kit to the museum in person, you need to return it by mail at your own expense. For details please call the Museum at 098-879-3219.

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