Mothers’ Day event invites parents and children to discover magic of touch

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The Mothers' Day event teaches the secrets of touch therapy.
The Mothers’ Day event teaches the secrets of touch therapy.

Tina Allen, one of the foremost experts in touch therapy, is scheduled to hold an event titled “Power of Touch Forum” at Okinawa City Civic Hall on Saturday, May 14th, the Mothers’ Day.

She has held similar events in Tokyo and Nagasaki with 200 ~ 300 people participating in each event. This is first time the event is organized in Okinawa.

Tina Allen is a pioneer and expert of touch therapy.
Tina Allen is a pioneer and expert of touch therapy.

The event is built on the concept of the “Power of Touch” and aims to educate people living in Okinawa about the importance of the sense of touch for human development.

Tina Allen is founder of a premier organization for infant and pediatric massage therapy professionals worldwide, the Liddle Kidz™ Foundation, which is largely credited for popularizing the pediatric massage therapy. She is the author of the bestselling book, “A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children.”

She developed the touch therapy program for children and baby massage in cooperation with doctors, nurses, public health officials and midwives at medical institutions such as UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. She is continuously active in teaching trainers for babies & children’s massage across the United States.

Kiyoko Kuwae, who is helping to organize the event, is the chairwoman of the Midwife Center Okinawa and the administrator of Mothers and Children’s Future Center. She supports mothers and babies from pregnancy to childcare at a center she built in Okinawa City as a halfway house between hospital and home, called “Midwives’ Home,” with the concept of “Power of giving birth, power of birth and cherishing power of growing up!”

The event includes any hands-on experience workshops.
The event includes any hands-on experience workshops.

At the event, both Tina and Kiyoko will be holding a talk session on the theme of childcare. After the talk, there will be a question-and-answer session where the two will answer to questions from the audience.

The event also includes a special workshop, where Tina will teach the participants about the essence of touch, and demonstrate how the “five touches would change your childcare.”

The event is recommended to everyone who raises children or is regularly interacting with children.

It is not too much to say, “Touch will save all growing-children.” “Touch-care” gives answers to many common worries about child raising, such as the emotional care, breast-feeding, constipation and constant night time crying.

If mothers, fathers and children know Touch-care, their life and raising the kids all the way from pregnancy through school years will be great fun!

Participants can enjoy the event attending only the parts that they are interested in. During the event, there are many hands-on experience programs, including parents and baby yoga, baby massage, playing and learning experience booth for kids, relax with foot pressure point massage, and aromatherapy at a healing space. There are also food stalls for the delight of the body and heart, serving snacks, full meals, side dishes, macrobiotics and coffee.

Tina Allen will talk in English, while Kiyoko takes care of the Japanese part. Medical instruments are not prepared, but the event welcomes for free children needing medical care or who are mentally challenged.

The entry fee for the event is ¥2,500 per family in advance or ¥3,000 at door. Those planning to participate are asked to send a message on the event facebook page,  or on the event website.

Those contacting the organizers in advance will be advised how to pay the entry fee in return message.

Organizers say anyone is welcome to participate in the event without an advance appointment, but they would appreciate a message that includes your and the child’s name who will participate on the facebook page. Any questions can also be sent to the same page.


Event name: Power of Touch Forum in Okinawa

Date: May 14th, (Sun) 2017

Time: 10:15 ~ 15:30 (doors open at 10:00)

Venue: Okinawa City Civic Hall (middle hall) at 1-1-1 Yaeshima, Okinawa City

Admission: ¥2,500 per family in advance, ¥3,000 at door


• Parents and Children’s Yoga

• Baby Massage

• Singing and Reading Aloud Picture Books

• Dance performances by children, including hula and Eisa.

• Talk session by Tina Allen and Kiyoko Kuwae

• Special workshop by Tina Allen

• Awards ceremony “Touch Award 2017”

The schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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