Kadena Gate 1 to be moved to alleviate traffic congestion

The Japanese Ministry of Defense started ea study to move the Kadena Air Base Gate 1 on Highway 58 south of its current location in order to alleviate the traffic congestion in the area. The plan calls for moving the base entrance to face the local road leading to Sunabe Seawall.

Officials at the Ministry of Defense explained the plan to the House of Representatives Committee of the Development of Okinawa and Northern Territories on Wednesday.

Before starting the construction work, the site will be searched for possible buried cultural properties. The new gate is scheduled to be complete within this fiscal year.

At the Committee, Masahisa Miyazaki from the Defense Ministry pointed out, “There are so many cars going in and out of the base that it causes severe traffic congestion throughout the day, which impacts the life of local residents.”

According to the report of the Ministry of Defense, there is currently a 30-meter-long exclusive right-turn lane on the northbound side of Highway 58 for the access to the gate. However there are so many car turning to the base that it causes a long line extending far south of the exclusive turning lane pm the 58. Planners expect to shorten the long waiting line by combining the two intersections.

  • marc john

    The problem is not the military the problem is not the gate. The problem is putting so many tourist attractions on 58 and not making the roads bigger. The road sizes are the problem. All that construction on 58 should be more roads …

  • bob

    Why not route the tourists to a different route. It’s not the base cars causing problems..wa wa wa..

    • JosefK

      Hey Bob, gold star top marks by gosh and golly you’re right. It’s not the base cars causing problems…. it’s the bases. Look at a map of the island lately?

      • bob

        sure, but have you seen the map with all of the tourists hotels surrounding the bases that were not there in the first place. 2 bronze stars for you.