Awamori Meister Assn eyes entry to Vietnam

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The Awamori Meister Association (AMA) has concluded a sister-association agreement with the Saigon Bartender Association (SBA) of Vietnam with the aim of spreading the knowledge and culture of awamori and human exchanges.

Awamori is not sold in Vietnam yet, but it’s expected that following the opportunity offered by this sister-association agreement the exports would start shortly.

The SBA is scheduled to hold a Cocktail Contest in Ho Chi Minh City in November, and the event organizers have reserved a special sponsorship position for one awamori maker in Okinawa to set up an awamori tasting during the contest at the venue.

The signing ceremony for the sister-association agreement was held at the SBA secretariat in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on Apr. 27th.

According to AMA Chairman Katsunobu Shingaki, sales of Japanese sake are rapidly rising in Vietnam, as local wealthy citizens prefer high-end alcoholic drink, and high-quality Japanese products are highly valued.

Shingaki said, “Awamori can be used as a base for cocktails, but we have to strengthen English language notations on our labels.”

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