Yomitan Village official nabbed on DUI suspicion

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Kadena Police arrested Motomu Nakasone, the manager of the Yomitan Village Cultural Promotion Division and the director of Yomitan Village Museum of History and Folklore, on Wednesday, on suspicion of driving under influence of alcohol.

55-year-old Nakasone is suspected of having driven a car under the influence of alcohol on a public road in Sobe, Yomitan Village, around 7 a.m. Wednesday. He has reportedly denied the charge, insisting, “I thought I have already sobered up.”

A police patrol requested Nakasone to stop his car when he drove out from a building parking lot. The police officer smelled alcohol and administered a breathalyzer test that showed twice the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

After the incident, Yomitan Village Mayor Denjitsu Ishimine said, “I am very sorry for this, and apologize for all the people of Yomitan, realizing that the incident may damage everyone’s credibility.”

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