Yaese Council vice chairman resigns after DUI press report

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Tsukasa Nakamura, the vice chairman of Yaese Town Council, who was nabbed by Itoman City Police in January after causing a minor traffic accident resulting in property damage while driving under influence, submitted his resignation to Katsuhiko Uehara, the chairman of the Yaese Town Council, on Mar. 31st. Uehara accepted his resignation effective on Apr. 1st.

Uehara reported his resignation to the town councilors at a general council meeting on Mar. 31st. Nakamura did not attend the meeting.

In his letter of resignation, Nakamura stated, “I have given trouble to people of the town, members of the council and officials at the Yaese Town Office Executive Division for a personal reason. I would not like to increase in the confusion.”

At the meeting, some council members pointed out that Uehara did not report the incident to the council until it was reported in the press.

Uehara says, “My conduct was inexcusable, and I’m reflecting on it.”

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