Swindler arrested for failing to deliver paid for goods

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Ginowan Police arrested a 24-year0ld man from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, on suspicion of a swindle.

According to police, Tsuyoshi Yokota was arrested on Apr. 19th after he placed fake information on products for sale on a Bulletin Board System (BBS), and collected ¥40,000 from a 48-year-old unemployed person living in Urasoe for payment but never delivered the goods.

Yokota reportedly has admitted to the charges.

Police say dozens of similar cases have occurred in Okinawa, and police are in the process of investigating them.

Yokota posted fishing gear for sale on the BBS, told the buyer he would ship the goods after receiving the money. The buyer subsequently transferred the money through a bank. When the fishing gear he had paid for did not who up, he called the police.

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