Stray bullets from Hansen hit water tank, parked car

Stray bullets from USMC Camp Hansen damaged a water tank and a private car of a construction worker at the Yafuso Dam construction site, on Apr. 6 and 13 respectively.

Onna Village Office reported the incidents to Okinawa Defense Bureau.

According to officials at Onna Village, Okinawa Prefecture and Okinawa Defense Bureau, workers discovered a hole in a water tank at the dam construction site on April 6, and a bullet was found inside the tank.

On Apr. 13th, a construction worker noticed a cut on the door of his car that was parked at the site, and a bullet-like object was found on ground on the side of the car.

A person from U.S. Military came to the site and collected the bullets.

No injuries or damage to persons was reported but Onna Village officials call the incident a “serious case since it affects people’s lives.”

After receiving the report from the Onna Village Office, the Okinawa Defense Bureau filed a complaint to U.S. Marine Corps on April 14th, and demanded an investigation to the cause of the incident. The U. S. Marine Corps has reportedly already started the investigation.