Palette Kumoji to get significant facelift

Category: [ Business ]

Kumoji Development Corporation, the manager of Palette Kumoji, a commercial facility complex in Naha with department store Ryubo as its main tenant, is reportedly mulling to significantly renovating the exterior of the large building.

Kumoji Development Corporation together with Ryubo Industry, the operator of Ryubo Department Store, will make a decision about the new exterior design and the size of the investment by the end of the year. This would be the first exterior renovation of the building since its opening in 1991.

Ryubo Industry CEO Goichi Itokazu said, “We think that looking at the present building it could be difficult to recognize what kind of building it is, especially for foreign tourists. We would like to remake the exterior in a way that would make people want to come in when they see it.”

Palette Kumoji is located in front of the Kenchomae intersection, and is the key building on Kokusai Street. The building has nine floors above the ground and two below. It’s total floor space is 8,235 square meters.

Ryubo Department Store used to be on the opposite side of the intersection and moved in the new building when its construction was completed in 1991.

The Kumoji Development Corporation was a joint public-private venture in Naha City that led the re-development of the city center. Later, Naha City sold its shares in the venture to Ryubo Industry.

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