Okinawa residents’ average income up 1.4% in 2014

Category: [ Business ]

Okinawa Prefecture Government Department of Planning and Statistics Division has announced an overview of residents’ income in fiscal 2014.

According to the overview, the average income in the prefecture was ¥2,129,000. That is an increase of 1.4% from the previous year. However, people in 14 municipalities enjoyed higher average than average of the whole prefecture.

Kita-Daito Village was on the top with ¥4,147,000, the highest for the 11th consecutive year, followed by Minami-Daito Village with ¥3,307,000. Residents of Kadena Town were on the third place making ¥2,928,000.

The gross national product of Okinawa was ¥4.511 trillion that is an increase of 3.5% from the previous year.

The income of primary industries increased by 6.5%, due to the increase in the marine product industry, such as mozuku seaweed. The increase in the secondary industries was 4.5% due to the increase in construction, especially in public works. The tertiary sector saw a 3.4% increase, mainly from the increase in leasing business.

By municipality, 33 saw an increase, while eight decreased. Businesses in Naha City made most money at ¥1.2954 trillion, followed by Urasoe City with ¥405.7 billion and Okinawa City at ¥300.7 billion.

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