Miyako police officer issued ticket for DUI

A police officer in Miyakojima City on Miyako Island was found to have driven his car under the influence after he arrived at work hangover, and was punished with a fine. The incident reportedly took place late March, but did not become public until Apr. 11th.

Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters Inspection Division is reviewing the facts of the case.

According to a source familiar with the case, the officer had gone previous night drinking with colleagues, and was found smelling of alcohol when he drove to work next morning.

Although it had been several hours since he stopped drinking, a test in the morning detected alcohol over the legal limit in his breath.

According to Prefectural Police, the officer was not arrested because he did not deny the charge and said he had been aware that he still might have had alcohol in his system. Also, there was no risk he would escape or destruct the evidence. Instead, the police officer was issued a traffic ticket.

According to the inspection division, during the past five years two police officers have been caught for driving under influence.

  • Nick Watson

    Wow, servicemen get drug through the dirt on here for any DUI or suspicion of DUI but Okinawa’s finest gets a slap on the wrist becasue he did not deny the charge?