Marine leisure accidents in 2016 rise to most ever

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A report by Okinawa Prefectural Police counted 85 marine leisure related accidents in Okinawa Prefecture during 2016. 45 people died in the accidents. Both figures were the highest in the last 10 years.

Local residents were involved in 45 of the accidents, which was 11 more than the year before, and 26 of those were fatal, an increase of three.

Visiting tourists had 33 marine leisure accidents with 15 of them fatal, one more than 2015.

Most of the accidents involving local residents happened during fishing trips, while tourists got into trouble when snorkeling or diving.

In order to combat the increasing trend of the accidents, the Prefectural Police are planning to make fliers to promote marine leisure safety. The fliers will be distributed to hotels, rent-a-car companies, and diving shops.

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