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Apr. 27 ~ May 3


Love’s in the air, and that inspires and excites you. You have to decide whether you would take your current relationship to the next level or surprise everybody by looking for greener pastures. It all depends on what you really want. Do you hesitate now, as the goal is near? Bold steps and optimistic attitude are a sure bet for you to win.


Keep your goals tightly in your sights and keep going forward are a sure way to succeed. You understand how good it feels to be appreciated by those around you. You should reciprocate by telling those people how much their friendship means to you. You can tell them, “Nothing seems too much when it’s for people you love.”


You should take discussions concerning finances and money seriously. Listen and try to learn. And even if you don’t agree with the results, stay polite. It’s never good to completely burn your bridges. Those who are looking for love and companionship would do better by looking for new places and different situations.


The highlights of your past life are coming back to your thoughts. There has been so much happening that it could be difficult to believe true. The road ahead of your should be clear, especially regarding romance. You should think about new ways to grab the attention of the person who you want ti impress. You have plenty f ideas.


This time you should pay attention to your finances, and specifically everything involving cash. A romance that ended some time ago could show new signs of kindling. You are known to be a good solver of problems, besides being popular company, so you should have no problem with turning any situation to your advantage.


You managed to avoid a few difficult and complicated situations last week, and now feel like you’d be ready for some quiet and peace. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily so. There are people who want you to make a decision. You should do something unexpected to avert their attention from the unresolved problem.


Close and intimate relationships are the focus this weekend. Do you feel that too many people are seeking for your attention? Choosing the easiest way ahead is not the best alternative. If you want to accomplish something special, you first have to make clear to the others what you want them to in order to reach the goal.


You can expect to face quite exciting days ahead. Do not waste your time playing difficult to approach, because that can only be to your own detriment. If you don’t want to who your true feelings, that’s to bad. If you are curious about what your ex-companion is doing, be discrete. Maybe there’s some kindling left to do…


You should keep important decisions regarding your love life to yourself for now. Right timing is all important. Think whether one day you feel overwhelmingly in love, but another day are like you don’t care so much. It could be that you are in love with the feeling of being in love instead of the person. You need more time to sort this out.


Your home and work lives are much intertwined, but in the coming week it could be difficult to reach a satisfying combination of both. It could be a time to concentrate on you. Decide, what would you like to do in five years. You should slow down a little and really think. Alternatives you think you have are not the only possibilities.


You may have suspected for some time that some people around you take you for granted. Especially, think whether those people have shown disrespect, and if that’s true, it might be the time for you to step away. Instead, you should look for the company of people who understand and respect what you want and support you.


You have had your problems lately but now it’s a time for your to decide what you really like and the do it. Treat yourself with a visit to a spa, have a dinner and drinks with friends, take a walk on the beach, anything you enjoy. Money alone is not a good reason to slave yourself to the death. The real happiness comes from something else.

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