CNN shoots documentary on mozuku cultivation in Okinawa

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A television crew from CNN Internet Television program titled “Great Big Story” interviewed Monday and Tuesday Tadashi Oshiro, the president of Itosun Co., Ltd., a fishery product processing company in Itoman City, on mozuku seaweed harvest and his passion for mozuku.

This is the first time that a resident of Okinawa has been featured in the program.

Mozuku harvest is a unique industry that does not exist in other countries or regions outside Okinawa, which had aroused the attention of the CNN program producers.

The program is scheduled for broadcast first on the CNN facebook page in May.

The program focuses on unusual and little known jobs and nature in the world. The program has collected over 4 million “Likes” on the facebook, and has viewers around the world.

Regarding his history in the business, Oshiro said that it’s mainly been all in the family. “I am doing this because my father taught me the necessary skills and technique, and I wish I could eventually pass the skills and technique to my son and on to the following generations.”

The crew also listened Oshiro’s thoughts about his relationship with nature. “If a man has no sense of admiration and appreciation towards nature, the only thing left is selfishness. I think one reason for wars is that people can’t thank nature for what we take for granted as natural,” Oshiro explained about the importance of nature.

Underwater filming crew and drones shot scenes of mozuku harvest for the program on Apr. 24, and the next day Oshiro introduced mozuku cuisine, including yushi dofu soup (fluffy tofu from Okinawa) and mozuku, mozuku salad and mozuku hamburger.

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