Chiyoda Bridal House to employ “portable chapels”

Category: [ Business ]

Chiyoda Bridal House, a leading wedding service company, announced that it’s planning to employ two “portable chapels” with a ¥60 million investment from the Okinawa Development Finance Corporation. The investment was realized on Mar. 24th.

Chiyoda Bridal plans to use its portable chapels for weddings at beaches and sightseeing spots on Okinawa. Including in the project is a plan to strengthen hands-on visitor experience of wearing Japanese kimonos, as well as developing human resources with the ability of speaking foreign languages.

The company had two types of chapels made; one with a 5-meter tall tower and the other that rises to 11 meters high. The service using the chapels is scheduled to start at the end of June.

According to the company spokesman, wedding planners at the company have prepared a wide pricing schedule to allow small-scale local companies to plan wedding ceremonies at resort areas with assistance from the Chiyoda Bridal.

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