Cat with blow dart in nose rescued at Sunabe

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A local resident found a cat at Sunabe Baba Park in Chatan Apr. 13th that had about 11cm long blowpipe dart stuck up its nose.

The cat was captured on Apr. 15 and treated, and there is no threat to its life, but Okinawa Prefecture animal welfare officials ask for public’s attention as an example of animal abuse.

A woman living in the area got phone call from her friend, who told her, “There’s a cat with something that looks like a blowpipe dart stuck in a its nose!” Ahe went to look and found the cat late afternoon near the park.

At the time, the dart seemed to have stuck about three centimeters up the cat’s nose, and the cat was looking weak and had hollow eyes. The woman tried to capture the cat, but failed and the cat escaped. Two days later she was able to catch it and to it to a veterinary clinic where it was treated.

The woman said, “I am worried about this kind of cases becoming more common with other animals.”

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