Burning U.S. military smoke candle found on Tarama beach

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A local resident found a tube-like object emitting smoke on the shore of Tarama Island, Saturday afternoon, and called the local fire brigade. Tarama is a tiny island about halfway between Miyako and Ishigaki, and administratively a part of Miyakojima City.

Tarama firefighters say the tube was found at a sandy beach near Tarama Fishing Port. It is about 15 centimeters in diameter and about 60 centimeters long, and when the fire fighter team arrived at the scene, it had already burned out and there was no more fire or smoke.

According to Tarama Fire Brigade, English language writing on the tube indicated the object was a U.S. military smoke candle. Miyakojima City police confirms no one was injured.

Hiroshi Okuhara, the head of the brigade, said, “I have never seen something like that. There is no U.S. military training ground near, so it’s a complete mystery where the tube came from?”

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