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Mar. 23 ~ 29


You should keep your eyes and ears open, as this period has many opportunities available to you. One of your close friends may give you a surprise, as you thought you knew this person very well, but then, anyone can change his or her attitude for the better. You can expect plenty of work ahead, but no problems, only smooth sailing.


You can expect much satisfaction in your work, and your contribution is much appreciated. But you should look for a romance somewhere else and absolutely not in your work place. It would be a good time to shape up in your private life and start meeting new people, especially if you are tired of unstable and short relationships.


It’s the time to enlarge your circle of friends. You could meet people who would have a long-lasting positive influence in your future. But do not connect money and business matters with your friendships, even though you might work very well together and enjoy you successes. Take it easy and don’t set the bar too high.


An old relationship could show signs of a new start, and this could mark the beginning of a steady and reliable relationship. This time the focus is in your emotions and feelings anyway, so you should enjoy your moments of warmth and togetherness. Try to relax as much as possible. You can expect your money situation to become better.


You must now pay close attention to your money. Taking an early action regarding your expected expenses would allow you to plan you life better. It would also allow you to concentrate on your romance and love life better. An old flame that has been simmering in the background could gain a new life, but think also what it would entail.


Admiration and appreciation by your colleagues makes you feel effective and helps you to advance your team projects better. Your family needs more of your time, and this might be a good time to start making your common dream to come true. After all, you all have dreamed of it for a long time, so now is the time for action.


You can look forward to a quite peaceful weekend that would give you time to think about a matter that requires a change. You should try to be flexible in order not to make others nervous. Your social relationships could also need some changes that would lead to positive results. You can expect your love life to get a boost.


Do not throw away an invitation that you should get soon, even though the event can feel quite mundane and boring at the first glance, lest you risk losing a chance to meet some very interesting people. If you plan to ask for help or favor from someone, don’t hesitate but be brave. This is a positive time for romantic relationships.


Make sure that you understand fully what the others expect from you. This would help you avoid misunderstanding that could be very costly for you. Your boss is aware of your goals and ideas, but maybe thinks it’s too early to show his ideas on how to proceed. You should not take that as an offense, but be calm and wait.


Are you dreaming about a trip to somewhere? Even a short weekend visit to a place you haven’t been before could be a relief to you. You should try to avoid your daily routines, as your high level of energy is enforcing your desire to find new solutions and ways of thought. Think what is important to you and act accordingly.


Try to find time to go through your budget. At this time, you should avoid splurging on any unnecessary luxuries or spending sprees. Even if a romance would challenge you to spend more freely than usual, try to keep your cool and be moderate. You will be happy very soon that you followed your plan and avoided the traps.


You should make a list of your important projects, at least through mid next month. This weekend, your emotions will be on the surface, and some kind of a special event will divert your attention from everyday matters. Sometimes you would like to be with someone, at other times independent, but the time to decide is now.

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