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Mar. 9 ~ 15


You can expect to meet people this week that you haven’t been in touch with for a long time. The main thing to remember is that a man or woman never can have too many good friends. In the future, try to avoid too long breaks between seein your friends. You energy level is high just now that is good for your love life.


People from outside could well think that a seemingly idle person is surely wasting time, but you have a good reason for your behavior. You can now take your time to think where you are going and which way to take to get there. The fact is that you have several roads to your goal, but what is the most effective is the question.


Although you are a little confused at this time, your mood will change into optimism in a few days once you stop seeing reasons to worry about everywhere. That’s when your life starts to click. Someone, from whom you never expected clever advice is going to surprise you with more experience than you ever could have believed.


A breakthrough to a problem that has bothered you for some time could come from an unexpected source. Try to learn from the experience of others. You don’t have to labor all by yourself in order to reach your goals. Especially, don’t dismiss thoughts that seem rather unusual. Dreaming can sometimes spawn unusual solutions.


You should surprise your friends by employing a direct and dynamic approach to a task ahead, as many people regard your approach to problems predictable. Try to give an impression of being even a bit rude first, but then show a sympathetic attitude. By probing the deepest needs of people you can get them to join your cause.


Dissatisfied and unhappy colleagues can ruin your dreams of peace and harmony. When you defend your ideas and thoughts, make sure you know when it’s a time to back off. Say what you have to say and then give people time to think about it. Showing a seemingly sympathetic face towards your rivals could really throw them off balance.


Do you feel dull and unenergetic? Try to be more flexible, and notice when you are just wasting your time. This weekend you find your real satisfaction at home where even your smallest efforts are appreciated. There are plenty of irritating people around at this time of the year, but can you be sure that you are not one of them.


It’s not easy to give up on people even though they don’t bring any value into your life. But once you realize that it’s sometimes the best solution and works, your level of stress is bound to go down. Don’t hurry to replace those people with others, instead, give yourself time. Could you bring into you life something that you always wanted?


Let your ambitions awaken and do something completely new. Remember that knowledge is power and power begets progress, as others come to you for answers. Encourage them and strengthen their confidence by being convincing. In exchange, you will start seeing that anything you can dream is possible, and sky’s the limit.


Asking around your friends, what kind of answers you get? Why do you do what you do? The world is a complicated place, especially if you take everything too seriously. Are you here to help others? That’s at least a good start. Once you really start thinking about different possibilities, you will inevitably notice that they are unlimited.


Do you feel that everyone around you puts too much pressure and demands on you? Maybe they just want to see you doing what you do best. Looking for appreciation is waste of time, as everything you need is just around you. You get satisfaction when you help people, and it’s also strongly connected with doing things together.


You have many reasons to be optimistic, but even then you could at times feel that progress comes at snails pace. We are all part of natural rhythm, and attempts to change the system can be frustrating. So, relax. Changes take place at their own pace and mostly on their own. You should pay more attention to your home life instead.

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