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Feb. 2 ~ 8


You want to be open in your discussions, but you must not be too direct. A comment that you’d consider honest could be taken as an insult by someone with weaker self-confidence. You would not like to waste your time with fools but unfortunately they seem to be everywhere recently. You should use your extra energy for physical activities.


Any extra energy that you have should be used to improve your own happiness and wellbeing. Try to be patient if you have to wait in order to get your project going. Last week you heard a comment that still might infuriate you, bout you should forget about it and get on with your life, as there’s very little you can do about the matter.


Work and planning for you future dominate the next few days, and that means no fun and parties. In order to lighten the mood you should start planning something that you can do together with your loved ones. You should try to take a lighter attitude towards your everyday life, as those around you could find your stance too serious at times.


It’s likely that work dominates your life at this time, but luckily your finances are now in better shape than before. In the middle of winter it could feel that the life is too quiet to your liking, as nothing much happens in the social front. Keeping more in touch with your friends would invariably lead to increasing activity and more fun to everyone.


Your personal responsibilities could be in conflict with your romantic dreams. You would like to see more excitement and adventure in your life, but you should think carefully before making changes in your domestic life. Perhaps this is not the best time for change, or maybe you make everything a bigger problem that it actually is.


You can expect the next week to be chaotic. One day everything goes smooth, but the second brings uncertainty and doubts. You should not worry! Take an optimistic attitude towards comments by people around you, and rest assured that not everything that is said would ever be done. The important thing is to give a hug to your loved ones.


A conversation you had last week is still disturbing you. You must think whether there’s anything you can do about the matter, and if you can’t, then forget the whole thing. It’s a waste of your time to be bothered something you can’t change. But your love life should be in a good shape. Visit places that you two have special memories of.


Romance rules your life over the next couple of weeks. Those in a steady relationship could take a step further, and single people can look forward to a period of new activity. Keep an open mind about the future. It’s very likely that you could accomplish something really surprising that is very likely to have a profound effect on your life.


This weekend could bring many different possibilities that would mark a turning point in your love life. Perhaps you want to improve your existing relationship. You will be able to better appreciate the support and love you have been lucky enough to enjoy. Concentrate on listening to your heart, but remember to rest and relax enough.


Pay special attention to your finances at this time. Make sure that no one takes advantage of your good mood. You can expect one of your elderly relative to have a surprisingly big impact on your life, and that could make you wonder, why you did not think about this before. Your attitude matters most, time and place not nearly so much.


People close to you are very happy for your burst of energy and inspiration. This would be the right time to tart discussion about your new plans, especially those concerning money. You should forget about being too modest. Instead, enjoy to the fullest of the appreciation those around you are showing. You have earned it.


The next few days are likely to be full of changes, but make sure that you keep the reins in your own hands. Many practical matters require your attention, although concentrating on all of them could be difficult at times. You should not pay too much attention to what other people think, but take care of your own needs first. Follow your instincts.

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