Young Okinawan wins English language abacus contest

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The 23rd National English Language Abacus Competition was held in Tokyo Saturday, and Nanshi Sueyoshi, a 12-year-old 7th-grade student of Okinawa Christian International School won the gold prize.

She is the third student from Okinawa to win the prize, and the first in four years. Previously, she won silver in the same competition for two consecutive years. After her win, Sueyoshi said, “I’m so relieved that I finally was able to win the gold prize.”

The abacus competition is held in English, so participants need to be good at listening to and understanding English in addition to being good at calculating with an abacus. 247 people aged from nursery school pupils to 50-year-old took part in the contest.

In the general category, difficult questions are spelled out to all together, and if a competitor makes a mistake, he or she then drops out of the contest. Sueyoshi was able to answer all the questions. “I had been in the second place for the past two years, but I prepared my mind before the test to be positive about it.”

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