Website covering baseball spring training camps open

Category: [ Sports ]

Okinawa Prefecture Sports Promotion Division has opened a Japanese language website specializing in information about the annual spring training camps of professional baseball teams that are conducted on Okinawa every February.

This year, Okinawa expects to have record high 15 baseball teams, 9 domestic and 6 from Korea, to hold their spring training camps starting on February 1st and lasting about a month.

In 2016, the number of visitors to the training camps, including practice games during the same period, was up to record 332,000, of which an estimated 66,000 came from outside of the prefecture, and all organizations involved in the camps are doing their best to attract more this year.

The website http://okinawabaseball.com/ contains information of activities of the teams during the camp, like schedules of each team, special events, and tips for touring the camps. It also offers other interesting information from the link to a coupon website “Rikka Dokka Okinawa Navi”.

During the camp season, many local restaurants plan to offer special menus, and talk shows with former professional baseball players are also in the plans.

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