Three teachers draw suspensions from Board of Education

Okinawa Board of Education announced last week it had disciplined three teachers. Two had been caught driving under influence, and one was punished for using violence against a student.

According to the personnel department of the Board of Education, two of the teachers had driven their cars under the influence of alcohol.

A 31-year-old male high-school teacher had been drinking at a wedding party and at a local bar last December. Afterwards, he had taken a nap of about 30 minutes in his car before driving home early in the morning. On his way home he hit a taxi and was subsequently arrested.

A 55-year-old male teacher of a special support education school drank alcohol in his parents’ house last December, and drove home at midnight. A police officer stopped him for a breathalyzer test and he was caught.

Both of them were suspended for 6 months from their jobs.

A 23-year-ol male teacher in a junior high school in Naha reportedly threw down a male student while advising him at a club activity, saying he had behaved badly. As a result, the student broke his left arm. The teacher was suspended for one month.