Taxi driver arrested after fatally driving over man

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Yonabaru Police arrested a 69-tear-old taxi driver after he fatally drove his taxi over a 37-year-old man early Sunday morning.

According to police, taxi driver Katsutake Yamashiro was arrested on suspicion of negligent driving resulting in death. Yamashiro is suspected of driving over Yoshitomo Fukuchi while diving his taxi in Yonabaru.

Investigators say Yamashiro was driving the taxi with a passenger on the back seat on national road 329 in Ueyonabaru, Yonabaru Town, about 4 a.m. Sunday, when the taxi suddenly hit Fukuchi who had been possibly lying on the street. After hitting the man, the taxi kept running, dragging him for about 130 meters before stopping.

Fukuchi was transferred unconscious to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead 8 hours later. Yamashiro has reportedly denied the charge, saying, “I could not see the man lying on the street.”

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