Nago group building wooden sailing sabani

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A group of enthusiasts is currently in the process of constructing a wooden sabani sailboat at a public space Seseragi Square in Nago Castle Park, and anyone interested is invited to watch and join the effort.

Sabani are traditional narrow wooden boats that local fishermen used in old times for their daily fishing trips. A devotee group named “Fukaki Sabani” is behind the effort that aims to revive and promote sabani and the culture related to it.

A ceremony to launch the project was held on Jan. 5th at the building site in front of more than 100 local nursery school pupils.

The sabani is made of Obi cedar imported from Miyazaki prefecture. The longest timber plank is 7.7 meters long for the boat that will be 7.5 meters long overall when completed. The builders are following traditional construction methods, which do not include any metal parts or nails to join the planks or other parts. The plan is to complete the boat in two months followed by a launching ceremony.

Anyone can visit to see the building of the boat that is already taking shape. Currently, the public is invited to help polishing the hull with sandpaper.

For details, call 090-2585-6087.

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