Kings present fans win in first home game of 2017

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Young Shouta Tsuyama (#13) made a good job in Wednesday’s game against Kyoto Hannaryz.

Golden Kings played an one-off game against Kyoto Hannaryz Wednesday night, grabbing a much welcome win with 70-66.

Higeyuki Kinjo (#6) was reliable as always.

The win was the third in a row for the Kings and allowed the team to stay in the 4th place in their conference with 14 wins and 16 losses. In the 1st quarter, Rayshawn Terry and Lamont Hamilton worked well, and the quarter ended with the Kings in two-point lead.

But game turned over in the 2nd quarter with 36-39 for the guests on the board. The game was a seesaw match in the 3rd quarter with Kyoto still 3 points in the lead at the end.

But finally, the Kings managed to gear up very well towards the end of the game, thanks especially to efforts of Shouta Tusyama and Ryunosuke Watanabe, the young players in the squad. The Kings came from behind in the last couple of minutes, and grabbed the win.

After the game, Head CoachTsutomu Isa said. “It was a very tough game, and we almost ran out of time to catch up with Hannaryz, but at the end, keeping our cool earned us the win. I’m very happy that we managed to give all of our fans the win in our first home game of the year.”

The Golden Kings’ next home game takes place at Okinawa City Gym against Niigata Albirex BB on Jan. 28th and 29th.

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