7.67 million New Year cards delivered on Jan. 1st in Okinawa

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The ceremony marking the delivery of the traditional Japanese New Year cards called ‘nengajo’ was held at Naha Central Post Office at 7:15 on Jan. 1st when about 120 mail carriers started the delivery to recipients.

According to Japan Post Okinawa Office, 7.67 million New Year cards were delivered in the prefecture, which means an average 5.3 per person The number is 170,000 less than a year ago.

In all of Japan, a total of 1.644 billion New Year cards were delivered that is 98 million less than last year.

At the Naha ceremony, the head of the Naha Central Post Office urged his delivery team to deliver the cards with a smile. “A New Year card is the first gift of the new year. Deliver them with a smile,” he said.


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