22 soccer teams coming to Okinawa for training camps

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Okinawa Prefecture held a press conference Friday to announce that in regards of a promotion called “Okinawa Soccer Camp 2017”, a total of 22 teams, including 14 J-league teams and 8 foreign teams from China and South Korea have decided to hold training camps on Okinawa from January through the end of February.

Last year Okinawa had 21 teams having their training camps in the prefecture, and this year one more team is coming to prepare their mind and body in Okinawa for the next season.

Representatives of Okinawa Prefecture Department of Sports, the Okinawa Soccer Association chairman, and FC Ryukyu general manager participated in the conference and explained about the camps.

The Soccer Association Chairman said, “Having foreign teams to conduct their training camps here would be a good rehearsal for attracting teams for training camps ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The camps would also be a good opportunity for children from Okinawa to watch the training and learn how the teams play, and become good players themselves.”

For details about the training camps, see the official Japanese language website http://soccer-camp.okinawa/.

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