Typhoon wreaks havoc on Kume prawn farm

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Typhoon Chaba that made a direct hit to Kume Island wrought havoc on a prawn farm on the island when the storm cut the power off for an extended time to pond aerators that provide oxygen to the prawns. As a result, about 700,000 Japanese tiger prawns were found dead on Wednesday when the prawn farmer went to check on the ponds. He estimated his loss at more than ¥30 million.

Okinawa Electric Power Company said that all power had been restored by midnight on Thursday.

Japan Agriculture Cooperative officials put the total amount of damage for agriculture and fisheries at ¥56.89 million as of Wednesday, but the figure does not include damages to prawn farms. 79 cases of damaged house roofs and windows were reported by Wednesday. Six public facilities also suffered damage, while 13 warehouses were partially damaged and three destroyed completely. 19 boats in local ports and four cars were also reported damaged.

According to Okinawa Prefecture Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the total amount of damages of agriculture, forestry and fisheries was 84.62 million yen, damage to agriculture from the typhoon was ¥76.57 million, and damage to fishing boats was estimated at ¥5 million.


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