Kirin’s new beer tailored to Okinawa goes on sale

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Kirin Beer Marketing Okinawa Branch launches today a special beer called “Ichiban Shibori Okinawa Zukuri” that is Kirin’s first beer made specifically to match Okinawa’s climate and tastes.

Developing the beer, the company had workshops and discussion about beer with Okinawa residents. A special sales event to kick off the new beer will be held in front of the Times Building in Kumoji, Naha City, starting at 18:00 this evening.

The launching of the Okinawa special beer is a part of Kirin’s “Ichiban Shibori All 47 Prefectures Project” to pursue a distinctive beer taste of each region.

The new beer is sold in 350ml and 500ml cans, and is available from today at selected stores and restaurants on Okinawa.

At the sales event, Kirin will sell 350 ml cans of the beer for ¥220 tax included. The even will also feature an Eisa show as well.


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