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Sep. 1 ~ 6


This is a good time for important meetings, because just now you are mentally at your peak. You may spend a little less time for your physical activity, but maybe that gives you more time with your lover. Romantic thoughts and activities could just be the ticket to a better peace of mind for you. In order to make progress you have to make better plans.


You can now feel more confident than ever regarding a person you met recently. You will soon find out for sure whether this person really is as good as you think. Increasing your physical activity could rejuvenate your passion and love for life. It’s not always easy to see the difference between your real needs and your desires, but you have to at least try.


Wide swings in your mood could confuse you, and sometimes you really could feel lost. In order to get back on track you should think about everything you feel important. You have more power over your own affairs than you think, and you should use it. Or is it that you don’t want to? You must think what the advantages could be to your loved ones.


Your love life and romance should be the focus this weekend, especially, when you see your new friend from a new angle for the first time. Do you hesitate? You don’t need a specific reason to change your mind, but things would be easier if you had one. Confiding in trusted member of your family would help you to get a better picture of the situation.


You see now your financial situation in a better light than before, and that gives you a chance to take care of it. Would you like to engage in a new relationship, or would you prefer to try to improve your old one? Some people around you may not share your dreams or understand your motivation and reasoning, but how much does that matter for you in the end?


Sometimes your friends and loved ones could cause confusion. However, now you have a chance to see clearly to whom you should invest your time and to whom not. You should take a positive view of new people you meet. When you end up in a situation you have seen before, do not assume that it would always proceed in the same way.


Money and fun seem to come together this time. You should think whether it would be possible to make a little money from one of your hobbies. You may dream about a different lifestyle, a new companion or more money. Indeed, we all can dream about almost anything, but for you, a little drop of realism would not be bad medicine at all at this time.


Try to get hold on ideas that are rolling inside your head. Do you have some personal problem that is giving you trouble focusing? It may not be easy to solve this problem, but it sure would pay to try. Someone is going to give you good advice that would help you to find the right way if you listen carefully. In the future, choose your words with more care.


The way you go on with taking care of your personal relationships could give stress to many people, and you should think about a lighter approach. Many of those people take you more seriously than you intend or deserve. If you don’t want to make a decision, say so. But you have to accept the result if you decline to open your mouth, and then end up with loss.


It could be difficult for you to understand this time what people around you are doing. You know exactly what you want, and the back and forth of the others could seem rather strange to you. However, you can’t help them if they don’t want to help themselves. Your boss might give you a belated praise for something done a while ago. Accept it graciously.


Plans have changed and that gives you time to reach for a romantic setup you so much have hoped for. In order to make an impression, you have to bring the best points of your character and looks into focus. Don’t be afraid to take more responsibility to yourself. When you do, you will find almost immediately that your life stands on a firmer, more secure basis.


There are many questions but few answers ahead, and that calls for patience. There’s also insecurity and envy in the air. Could it be that now is the time to make some decisions concerning your love life? Taking more responsibilities could feel scary, but in time they actually make your life easier. And your circle of friends would also respect and appreciate you more.


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